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Digestive Health and Child Development

Some children are NOT WHAT they eat,they are HOW they digest Rapidly growing brains are VULNERABLE to poor nutrition,though can rapidly RECOVER by intervention AUSTISM can be caused by errors in digestion and immunity,these errors are managed by special diets
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Manar Kassem, MSc, B.Pharm
Nutrition Therapist/Pharmacologist
Advanced Medical Nutrition
MNSP Tufts University

Becoming a Taekwondo World Champion wasn't the last act of defiance and achievement for Manar Kassem.

Nutrition Therapist/Pharmacologist, B.Pharm, MSc, MNSP Tufts University

Born in Cairo and raised up by a family which is well based in the Pharmaceutical Industry, steered her to study Pharmacy at Cairo University. Working within this Industry, Manar started questioning the very concepts and theories of the "Getting Better" industry, which seem to focus on pacifying a symptom rather than solving the underlying cause of ailment...

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About NIP Clinic

  • Is your child dropping off the growth chart?
  • Are you trying to convince your child to try new food with no luck?
  • Is your child food repertoire so limited?
  • Is your child's digestive health not improving despite of all medical interventions?
  • Are you struggling to find food alternatives to your child with food allergy?
  • Have you ever thought that speech delay and ADHD can be improved by diet?
  • Have you tried everything with your child with autism and very little success?
  • Have you discovered the underlying cause of your child's induced autism?
  • Is your child with autism showing signs of digestive problems?

Proper nutrition and restoring digestive health are key to ensure optimal mental and physical development in children.The Nutrition Intervention Program (NIP) applies evidence based dietary interventions for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (starting from classic autism to the mild form of ADHD and speech delay), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Food Allergies, Malnutrition, Malabsorption and Food Refusal.

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Treatment of autism with nutrition

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